Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Barge Fun

Well the barge arrived and I was giddy until they dropped the sea can in our yard and I realized how much crap we have! We are renovating this year, so everything for that arrived. We are going to be putting in new flooring in the whole house, new kitchen cupboards, 13 feet of pantries that are 8 feet high and 2 feet deep, new washer/dryer (thanks mom and dad!), new dishwasher, and a new fan for above the stove. Plus there was the 600lbs of shitty kitty cat litter, oodles of kitty food, and food for us as well! We did the usual routine for unloading- we called up some friends and bribed them with a bbq and beer. That always does the trick. We had 6000lbs of stuff unloaded in about 3 hours! The other 1000lbs arrived a couple of days later. So since then we have been busy putting together our pantries in order to make room for everything.

We really lucked out this year, my amazing mom down in BC did all of our shopping for us in Grande Prairie and arranged all of the shipping. She really loves to spend our money! Everything though looks really good. And even better, my mom is coming up the third week of September to help us install the whole kitchen! She is right handy! My dad is working and will be unable to make it up on this trip, but hopefully next time.

Our house is going to look really good with all of these renovations. I am so glad that we bought a house last year as the prices have really taken a jump here this summer. And owning a home really makes this community feel like home. I noticed when we were out on vacation I couldn't wait to get "home" which was back up here! We have now lived three years in the north- 2 in the NT and one here- and it is now hard to imagine living anywhere else.

Here comes the front end loader with our sea can!

Here is the very talented driver from NTCL dropping off our sea can in our driveway.

Here I am with my bounty of supplies for another year! Everything in there other than the pallet of dog food right in front of me was for us! My washing machine is the box on the tilt in there and it arrived with a big dent in the top. But since the dryer stacks on top of it, the top of the washer had to be removed anyways! So that worked out well!

Here is our crazy friend Amanda showing off our crap! She was great slave labour!


J Consortium said...

Ooh..it sounds like you've got lots of work ahead of you. You should have a big party once everything is done and the house is renovated.

What happens with your sea can? Does the shipping company take it back or do you keep it? I have no idea how all this barge stuff works. :P

Kara and Matt said...

Hi! Normally you have to hire someone in town to bring your pallets of supplies to your house. We had so many pallets they filled up a sea can with our stuff and then it was dropped off. We had 24 hours to empty it before they came and picked it up again. I am not sure how the barge works out east, the company that brings our stuff up only goes as far as the Kitikmeot region. It really saves a lot of money getting supplies up that way!