Thursday, August 24, 2006

My new store and renovations!

So I decided to add to my busy schedule and have started a little store on the side! I am now selling sewing and craft supplies out of my porch. There is very little in the stores here in town for supplies and it is all very expensive. So we came up with a small budget to start my little store and got all of the supplies shipped up on the barge. I painted the porch and made my poor husband take all of his tools and other man crap out to the shed. So far the store has been doing good! There is a lot of interest in town, so I think it will be a success! Here are some pictures of my new store- Kara's Sewing Supplies!

Here is the door into our porch from the house. That shelf has my cheaper fabric, fabric ends, and lots of leather. I have moose hide and then cow hide in a whole bunch of colours.

This side of my little store has beads, cross stitch fabric, felt, lace, rabbit/beaver pelts, yarn, earring/broach backs, thread and a bit of other random stuff.

Here is the back of the store. I use my deep freezer as my fabric cutting table. I have a whole bunch of fleece material on the right that seems to be popular.

Here is my wall of fabric! I have a little bit of everything!

Here are the first of the pantries installed! These ones are in the kitchen and we have 9 more feet to install in the laundry area. We also have to do the whole kitchen. The new kitchen cupboards are going to look the same as these pantries. Our place is going to look great when it is all put together!


dkc said...

I love it! It's so cute just like you! Are you going to start mail orders for the rest of the area? You could start to fund our ancient plan of world domination! I thought we talked about basing it on a tropical island though, not a frozen one...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara,
I hear you're coming to Cambridge Bay...
You better have some time to visit with me!!!!!!!
Love Courtney

Lana said...


That is so exciting!! have you sold anything yet?? It looks great!! said...

Hi Kara and Matt,

I couldn't find an email address but I wanted to let you know that I've included your blog in the "North" channel (blogroll and aggregator) of


oust said...

Hi Kara and Matt. I am so glad you are home. You are terribly busy but thanks for writing. I missed you while you were gone. The store is wonderful and will do great for you. I love the pictures of your trip. Welcome home. Keep in touch. Gwen "Oust"