Sunday, September 03, 2006

Trips to the falls

My favorite quad ride so far is going out to Bloody Falls. It is about a 35km round trip, probably less if you don't bomb around at random around the tundra like I do! We have been up there quite a few times now by boat and quad. It is a good fishing spot and just an all around place to relax! Here are some pics from a few random trips:

Bloody Falls is there in the distance where the Coppermine River narrows (centre of picture). Still about 5km of quadding left to get there.

This pictures is taken from the falls looking back at where I took the above picture.

Here is part of the water moving through the narrows. People call them falls, but really it is just a very narrow spot in the river that the water moves through very quickly! I have no clue how the fish move up through this!

Here is a caribou hide out on the tundra. Someone probably shot it, and since the hides aren't very good in summer they left it behind. This picture was taken the 13th of August and you can already see that the tundra is turning brown.

Here is Matt relaxing on the rocks at the falls.

Me out on the tundra. Yep, I was wearing my light winter coat on the Labour Day weekend. It was pretty windy and cold! However, that all changed this week- we had temperatures up to +18! We broke records up here!

Here is our friend Amanda, sad that she didn't catch any fish! Her and I have been up there twice together and still no fish!

Me and my hubby!

Kugluktuk has been called the banana-belt of Nunavut because we always have warmer temperatures than the rest of the territory. We also have a lot more greenery than other communities. In some spots the willows are taller than me! Almost like having trees! We also have a lot of berries. I have been busy picking blueberries, blackberries, bearberries and cranberries. I almost have enough to make a big batch of jam! The only berry I have not found yet are akpiks. Maybe next year!

Here is a little hikhik jaw in the dirt.

On one of our trips to the falls we ran into a group of Danish guys who were canoeing down the Coppermine River. All they could talk about was getting into Kugluktuk and relaxing by ordering a beer. Well we had to break their hearts by telling them that there was nowhere to order a beer in town! They looked so sad! So the next day when they arrived Matt and I took them down our last 4 beer. They were so happy that they sent us home with about $60 worth of shotgun shells as a thank you!

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