Sunday, September 10, 2006

Trip to CamBay

I got the change to go to Cambridge Bay for 5 days for work at the end of August. Well it was cold, windy, but I got to see muskox so I was happy! It was nice to see another community in Nunavut- so far I have only seen here and Iqaluit.

Here is the small herd that I saw. They were only about 1km away from town.

The DEW Line site there in town. It sure all looks out of place on the tundra!

Cambridge Bay had a very nice graveyard. Everywhere I go I take pictures of graveyards- I have no clue why! Kinda odd I guess!

Here is a cruise ship that was in town on the day that I arrived. It was so funny to see the tourists all dressed in toques, parkas and mittens and I just had my fleece pull over on! They didn't speak much English, but you knew from their voices in the Northern Store that they were blown away by the high prices!

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J Consortium said...

I'm jealous. I want to see a muskox! Talk about disappointment when I found out there were no muskox around Rankin!