Sunday, November 26, 2006

I am an Auntie!

How exciting! My little brother Travis and his wife Corrienne just had their first child! He was born in the morning in Fort Nelson, BC on November 23rd and was just over 7lbs. His name is Damon Riley Hunter. What a cutie! I am a very excited Auntie! He has a great sense of timing as he was born on his Daddies birthday! Happy 25th Birthday Little Shit (also known as Travis)!!

I am a little sad because I won't be able to see them until next summer. But maybe by then he will be ready for his first drum set!!

The next generation of Hunters makes his appearance!

My amazing sister-in-law Corrienne and her new little boy:

Proud papa Travis and his little boy. I wonder if the kid will grow sideburns like his daddy one day!


J Consortium said...

Aww, cute photos.

It's kind a funny coincidence about our last names. Tell your brother to name his next kid Jaime..hahaha. Hey, it works for both sexes! :D


jennifer said...

Congratulations, Kara!

What a cutie!

Treena said...

Hey Kara!

Treena here. Got your message on my blog and would love to chat. Yes, I'm from Peace River originally but moved to Baker last summer. I'm lovin' it. Sounds like you guys are too. Great Blog!!

Oust said...

Hi Kara, What a doll. He is beautiful. Takes after his aunt. How are you doing. Everything progressing ok I am sure. Tell Matt hi and you have a great Christmas. Write when you have time.

YOur friend, Gwen from Tennessee