Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beautiful Berries!

In August and a bit into September I went berry picking a couple of times with some friends. I got about 10 cups of berries. I am sure I ate at least that much while picking them! I mixed them all together. I have cranberries, blueberries, bear berries, and lots of this little black berry. I spent time this long weekend to turn them into jam! I really love making jam and jelly. When I lived in Hay River I picked pounds and pounds of cranberries and make a lot of jars of cranberry jelly that I gave away at Christmas time. It is funny, I really hated berry picking when I was young, but I love it now!

Beautiful Colourful Berries!

The 10 cups of berries all ready for mashing. I missed a few twigs and leaves, but I think that just adds some extra fiber to the mix!
The finished product! 11 jars of "Nunavut Jam"!! Hopefully I pick a lot more next year!


J Consortium said...

"Hopefully I pick a lot more next year!"

By the look of how many jars you got, I'd say you got a heck of a lot this year! I picked berries too, but never ended up doing anything with them.

Oh yeah..I saw the price of Temptations (kitty treats) here...they were about $2.50 I believe.

Gwen said...

Hi from Tennessee, Hello Kara ad Matt. How are you doing. The berries are beautiful. I have never heard of most of them but they look delicious. I would love to try some of that jam. It looks wonderful. How are you feeling. You sound like you are glowing. I bet you are too. Have you talked to Heather lately. Write soon if you have time. I miss hearing from you. Thanks for posting on the board. A lot of the girls had been asking about you and missing you. You can still pop in you know. I have made it to 40. I am thrilled. Have a great winter. Love Gwen (oust)

Alda said...

Those look an awful lot like our Iceland berries... well, except the cranberries. The black ones are most common.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara and Matt,

This is Deiss' friend Kyla. Deiss has a link to your blog from her site and a little while back I checked it out, as I thought you two must be super cool and adventurous to being living up north. I was right and I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog and your stories.

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Gwen! Nice to see that you keep checking in on me! Congrats on 40!!

Thanks for checking me out alda! I think our two areas have a lot in common! I have been trying convince my husband for years to take us on a vacation to Iceland! Maybe we will make it one day!

Hi Kayla!! Well the only reason we are super cool is because it is fricken cold up here :) Thanks for checking us out! Come on up and visit anytime!