Sunday, October 29, 2006

End of Honda Season

Winter is here! Well it has sort of been here for a while, but over the last few days it snowed a lot and we had great wind! There were some drifts around town that were over 4 feet high! Today was the first sunny day in quite a while. So we went out on the last ride of the Honda for the season. The temperature tonight is -19C with the windchill at -30C. Definitely time to break out the skidoos!

I have to say that I really dislike daylight savings. I grew up in Dawson Creek, BC and we did not change time there! I know, odd, but it was great! But now I am inept at changing clocks. I like this time of year because I feel like I am getting ready to hibernate, but it is so hard to say goodbye to the sun! Time to break out the happy light.

Enjoy today's pictures!

Winter ready willow:

My poor Honda! It will spend the winter under the house hibernating.

The ice is starting to form. Weird though, last year in the third week of October I was out icefishing. And now the Coronation Gulf is still open.

The boats are slowly being put away for the winter.


Anonymous said...

You are making me miss my 4-wheeler! I had one last year (was in a different village), but sold it when I moved here to Nunapitchuk! We just bought a Ski-Doo, though, so as son as things are (a) frozen solid, and (b) covered in snow, we will be retrieving it from Bethel (our "hub" city) and will be free as birds!

Gwen (oust) said...

Hi Kara. AS always thanks for the pictures. Congrats on your news from NS bb last night. I know you love this time of year too. I knew you shop would do well.
Love, Gwen in Tennessee

Adriana said...

Dear Kara- I just discovered your blog and really enjoyed all the pictures and local details. I am an academic writing a book on arctic exploration, particularly in the Kugluktuk area, and I am curious about the memorial at Bloody Falls (which I see that you visited!). Did you happen to get a photo of the memorial plaque there, on the small cairn? I would love to ask you about it, if you saw that on your visit (I'm at, at the University of London). Many thanks, Adriana Craciun