Thursday, October 26, 2006

Has your husband ever said this to you....

So my husband comes home from work the other day, runs into the house and says this line as he grabs his quad key:

"Honey, I am going to the dump to get you a present!"

Then he runs out the door, hops on the Honda (well Polaris Honda) and I watch him through the windows head to the dump with the wagon in tow.

I am left sitting at home with fond memories of going to the dump with my dad. We would come home with great stuff and always had a chance to poke at a dead bear, cow, etc while there. Mom would always be a little upset that we came home with more than we went with! I loved growing up in the boonies of Northern BC.

So about 20 minutes later I see him coming home, wagon full. Well I really lucked out! The Coop store decided to throw out these great storage doohickies that hold embroidery floss. There were two, but with the bit of damage from the dump, I only ended up with one good unit. But another bonus- in the bottom of one unit were these mini-yarns, about 20 of them, and still in great condition! So I shall now sell them in my store- I am very opportunistic!

Matt got the heads up about the priceless dump goodies from a great friend! The dump here is actually referred to as Canadian Tire. It is splendid!

So thank you husband for my great "present from the dump"!

Life up here is such a hoot. When people from the South ask us how we do it, I just smile and say it is easy. :)


Anonymous said...

Kara, you're absolutely correct. life up here is a hoot; despite the ranting on my blog lately. I find it hilarious that your dump is called the Canadian Tire. We call it the Crappy Tire here. LOL!

dkc said...

If Duncan ever said that, I would quickly call for a psych evaluation. Can you imagine?

I too have fond memories of going to the dump from the time I was 3-4 years old. In Clinton we had to go across the tracks and every once in a while we would see trucks working on them and I always thought our car should take the rubber off our tires and drive on the tracks.

Clare said...

Kugluktuk has the GREATEST dump. We did quite a bit of shopping there when we were working on the Fort Hearne. Much better dump than here.

One of my old partners (who worked at Kugluktuk before coming here) used to call it "living off the land"

Anonymous said...

I've been known to poke around in our dump here, though I haven't found anything useable yet. One time a colleague of mine came across a skidoo piston he was able to put to good use. I've heard the dump in Yellowknife was a smorgasbord of goodies. Whenever a government worker left there were good finds to be made. Unfortunately, YK city officials sucked the fun out of this (as politicians often do) and clamped down on the practice.

Kara and Matt said...

Clare, I love that comment! Living off the land- that is great! My husband is now turing into a regular shopper of the dump!

We were living in Hay River when YK put through that motion to not allow shopping at the dump. Man people were upset! In Hay River you weren't supposed to dig their either, but we found a brand new bar fridge! We took it home- it was still clean- and plugged it in, but it wouldn't work! That is probably why someone through it out- but then we found a little "on" switch on the back and voila! We had a great little fridge!

Dumps are fun!

Anonymous said...

We have no Canadian Tire, and we haven't been to the dump yet!! We are here in Inuvik-shopping online! Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying life in the Northern North!! We tried the South for 5 months (Vancouver Island) and quickly returned to the "Frozen Toilet!!"

Tigger, Tim, Peekaboo and NeWT!!

Jennifer said...

Too funny! Unless you've gone "shopping" at the dump, you just can't relate to that story!
Most of the bicycles in Igloolik are made from parts scavenged from the dump, and recently we got some fencing and quality wood! It's like a treasure chest!