Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kara's Sewing Supplies

So two months ago I started my little business on the side selling sewing and craft supplies out of my porch. I spent a whopping $12 000 getting myself set up. I bought a little bit of everything. Until yesterday I had sold about $3500 worth of supplies. Not bad for two months.

But yesterday blew me away. I put about 1/3 of my supplies into rubbermaids and filled my quad trailer, my quad and my husbands quad and went down to the Complex for what was posted as a flea market. It was $20 a table to set up. I went down thinking that if I sold $300-$500 worth of supplies I would be happy.

So I set up my tables and was instantly busy! This wasn't even a big sale, it hadn't been very well advertised and not a lot of people came. In November the community starts having Christmas Bazaars and those are packed! Well I was blown away by the amount that I sold. I was set up for 3 and a half hours and I sold almost $1400 worth of supplies!! And I really got my name out there. People were pretty excited when I told them I had way more stuff in my house!

So far I have been able to sell my supplies cheaper than the Northern Store and the Coop. I still have a ways to go before I turn a profit, but I am learning quickly what people want. I am going to have to order more supplies throughout the year, which will cost me a bit more since it will have to be brought in on the plane. But I should be able to put together a really good barge order for next year.

I also had a lot of Elders purchase items from me at the complex. It so so cute to see the old women excited about the fabric!

So thank you Kugluktuk in making my little store so successful in only two months!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your store Kara!!!!!

J Consortium said...

Looks like Kugluktuk and Rankin had a flea market on the same day. That's a bit weird!

That must have been exciting knowing so many people are interested in your business. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. I have enjoyed reading your's too. Do you know that the Kugluktuk Grizzlies are something of a legend among Inuit communities. Anyway, feel free to link to my blog and I will reciprocate when time allows me to do so. Have a good week. I look forward to your next post