Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Got one for you Jaime!

Alright, I finally figured out my blog! Thank you Jaime for your help! I just could not seem to make that map work to follow my blog! Ah well.

So thank you Jaime for your help- I finally got the map off.

Now I got another one for you Jaime! So you won $500....

WELL I WON $1000!! Well it is a Canada Savings Bond... but that still counts! And I really did win it just recently!

I entered a contest in my Macleans magazine. The fine print said that there would be a one winner in EACH province and territory! So I figured I could be a shoe-in! How many people in Nunavut would enter. I made Matt enter so I would have some competition- and I kicked his butt! So I had to write a little letter saying how a $1000 Canada Savings Bond would help me live my dreams. Well I wrote the sappiest thing I could think of! I don't think I will be giving Clare a run for his money on his great writing, but $1000 isn't too bad of a start!

ps. Clare- I got to visit with your boat last weekend- it sure is pretty! I will try and get a picture for you!

Here is my story along with other winners: look under my name: Kara Went

I must warn you- I am not that sappy in real life. I am a professional bullshitter. I am sure that my BSc that I earned over 5 years at UNBC really stands for Bull Shit Certificate.

By the way- winter arrived here a couple of weeks ago. We have enough snow that the skidoos are out. I am going to give it a bit longer before I put away my quad. Today the temperature was -12, but the windchill was -21C. Matt finally made me put my sandals away. Although I have to admit my little toes were getting chilly even with woolies!

I will try to get some more pictures put up soon. Have a great day everyone!


Oust-Gwen said...

Hi Kara and Matt. I just thought I would ck to see if you had posted any new pictures and your house looks great. It was great to see your mother too. You do look alike. She seems to be as adorable as you.

I have missed hearing from you lately but I know you have been very busy. I can see that!! The renovations have made a beautiful place. I love your pictures. I know you are excited to get to ride your skidoos. I remember when you got them last year. Have fun. Send me a note if you have time. Love ya from Tennessee, USA. Gwen "oust"

J Consortium said...

Good stuff. How did you end up fixing the blog? My suggestion was going to be republish the blog. :)

I totally BSed my Skype story too. :D I almost feel bad about winning because I seriously wrote it very quickly (like as long as it'll take me to write this comment!) and it was all very sappy, too. I feel bad for people spent a lot of time on their stories and didn't win because of me, haha.

There is a hilarious typo in your story. Did you see it?

Kara and Matt said...

Well you must be talking about my horrible sentence talking about leaving my job to leave my job to leave my job! hheheh that is what it sounds like!

Man, if you aren't referring to that sentence I will feel pretty dumb! Let me know!

I cannot believe I am the Adult Educator here for Arctic College!!! If it wasn't for my math/science skills I would be toast!

I have no clue how I fixed the blog- it just all of a sudden disappeared. Odd.

Make sure you tell me about my mistake okay!! :)

J Consortium said...

Hee hee...maybe you missed it because you wrote it. Here it is:
"A $1000 Canada Savings Bong would help me..."

Haha, oh man I've laughed about that way too much and I usually hate pot jokes. :)

By the way, I don't think the part where you talk about leaving a job for a job sounds confusing. As many times as the word "job" was there, it made perfect sense! :D

----still laughing at your Freudian slip! ;)

Kara and Matt said...

Wow no way!!! That is hilarious! I am such a naive girl who never even tried drugs and I come out with that! Too funny that the group choose to publish it like that!

Glad I made you laugh!!


J Consortium said...

Haha! It is kind of funny that they just copied and pasted. Some of the other stories were obviously C/P'ed too. Who are these people and why are they so busy they don't even read them? Haha

Clare said...

Congratulations on the win Kara, and I hope the Fort Hearne is doing well. I went and visited it yesterday -- via Google Earth. Next time you're over say hello to Larry for me and tell him we're going to try again next summer.