Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well it has been a while!! But the house looks amazing! My mother was up for two weeks and we worked her hard!

So we worked our butts off for two weeks and got a lot done. We put up new kitchen cabinets, new countertop, tile backsplash, wood wainscoting, installed a new dishwasher, stove fan, finished the floor in the kitchen, living room, hallway and master bedroom, built a new bed frame and rearranged my sewing supply store! Man oh man! What a tonne of work! And in between my mom cooked cookies, meat pies, cinnamon buns, homemade sausages and other goodies. I love my mom!

I do believe the value of our home has just gone up! Check out all of the pictures! We are still working on a bunch of little stuff and when I have the house put away I will post pictures of my clean, finished house!

Old kitchen, fridge view:

Old kitchen full on:

The start of the new kitchen. I didn't get any pictures of us taking out our old cupboards. They were the metal ones and had faux wood doors. They were rusty and had a lot of perma-dirt/grease that even a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser couldn't take off. The new cupboards are just the pressboard kind, but they have a nice maple laminate on the front. That is my mom in there with Matt. People here in town loved her! They kept commenting on how much we look alike, how young she looks and how handy she is!

Here is mom hard at work with the jigsaw.

My mom and I working on the wainscoting in the living room.

Matt and mom in the kitchen again working on the sink. We had some technical difficulties with the plumbing- but it all came together and it even all works!

Mom working on the tile backsplash. I am sure she is cursing at me here for taking her picture! doesn't the tile look amazing!

Matt working on our new bedframe. 6 rubbermaids on wheels slide in underneath it for even more storage. Notice our little helper cat? That is Freak and she was pretty upset that we took the bed apart!


jennifer said...

The reno's look great!

I'm tagging you! We got tagged by another blogger to write a specific list of books. Go to our site to see our answers and then write your own for the world to read!

dkc said...

Hello! That looks awesome! Did you get the cat out before you put the bed down?

J Consortium said...

I'd hate to be the one to tell you this, but the web-stat map you have on your blog isn't set to show visitors to your blog, it's the set to show visitors to :P

Kara and Matt said...

ahaha I know! I have been playing with it trying to get it to show us and I am having noooo luck! Any ideas? I am so stunned when it comes to my poor computer!

J Consortium said...
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J Consortium said...

I deleted my last comment because what I pasted couldn't be viewed in its entirety.

Here is my comment again, but with the HTML chopped up a bit so it can be read:

Hmm..well I looked at the code and it looks like the wrong user is specified:


If you have an account, I suggest you try to just replace the user "webstat" with your own web-stat username. If it doesn't work after that, I should think it would be easiest to just go back to, log in, and get the code again.

Hope that helps. :)