Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kugluktuk from the air

Here are a couple of pictures from the air of Kugluktuk. I was flying in from Cambridge Bay and I was on the right side of the plane to get some good pictures. I remember landing here for the first time 15 months ago and laughing when I saw that the runway was gravel. My husband was really wondering what I had gotten us into!

Tomorrow my mother is flying in and I am getting pretty excited! My dad is too busy with work to come up though. My mother is going to help us install our new kitchen and finish off the rest of the renovations. Right now I have no kitchen! All of the cuboards all pulled out!! So hopefully by next weekend I am posting pictures of our new kitchen!


J Consortium said...

Ooh, nice photos.

It'll be nice to see your mom! I'm excited for the thought of people coming to visit us. We don't know when it'll ever happen, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I'm in gr.10 and I'm doing a project for school where we have to plan a trip to a different place
in Canada. I'm doing Nunavut ! This is a theoretical trip only, but we have to include
how much accommodations cost and food, etc.

On my "trip" I'm going to Kugluktuk and I'm trying to find
the room rates for the Coppermine
Inn but no luck. If you know anything that would be very helpful !

Thanks very much and hi from Vancouver, BC !
From Hanna

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Hanna,

Well you can call the Coppermine Inn at 867-982-3333. But I am pretty sure that it costs around $200 a night to stay there. To get your meals there it is about an extra $100 a day.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please ask!

Good luck on your project and nice to hear from someone from BC! I grew up in Dawson Creek!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kara,

Thanks so much !
I was also wondering...
- can you get into the Kugluktuk
Heritage and Visitor's centre for free ?
- can you buy souvenirs there ?
(postcards, trinkets, etc.)
I really appeciated your speedy
reply. Thanks for helping me out !
Hanna :)

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Hanna!

You bet, the visitors centre is free to get into. There are lots of carvings, sewings, postcards and other local arts/crafts for sale there. There is also a few displays of traditonal clothing, history of the Copper Inuit, lots of old photoalbums and an internet connection for tourists to check their email! The phone number for the visitor centre is 867-982-3570 if you have any questions for them. The woman running it right now is very helpful and full of information!

You can email me if you like as well (I will spell it out to prevent spam! I hope this makes sense!)
kara underscore went at hotmail dot com
I hope your project is coming along well!

Anonymous said...

That's it for now. Thanks a lot !
Hanna :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. ur blog is awesome ! :)