Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Worrisome Statistic

I read yesterday that we had a 51% turnout for the plebiscite. That isn't what worries me. What does is that 51% turn out is 360 persons over the age of 18. That means that in Kugluktuk there are just over 700 persons over the age of 18. There is a total population in Kugluktuk around 1400. That means there are around 700 children here. I wonder how this community will deal with such a young population. What will the community be like in 10 years?


Rob & Tina said...

That's a scary stat.

Jackie S said...

Hey Kara,
I know that Nunavut is known for having a young population... but is your community MUCH younger than others? Or is this just the reality, broken down into hard numbers?

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Jackie,

I am pretty sure there many more communities that are even worse than this one for having huge youth populations. I think Arviat has the highest, but I am not sure. I bet we could find more hard numbers on Statistics Canada. I will let you know what I find.

Kara and Matt said...

Okay, Jackie you can go here, but you have to click on each community seperately to get the stats:

These are from 2001 and here this community has had, I would say, 35 births a year- at least. So it is growing at an astounding rate.

aida said...

kara, i think arviat has the youngest population. even the college ppl coming down from Iqaluit or Rankin cant believe how many kids they are here.