Monday, December 10, 2007

The News!

Okay everyone, here is the news!

Nope, not pregnant! I need a while to recoupe from having Hunter.

We are MOVING! I think we have shocked everyone with this news as we have been very settled over here. A number of things have brought us to this decision. Matthew needs a change of pace and I want to be a bit closer to the family. The last year with all of the suicides in our community really took a toll on both of us. Our jobs can be very stressful and we would like to feel happier all around.

On our trip that we just had to Edmonton we flew to Whitehorse and drove to Faro. It is a small community of just 400 people about 360km Northeast of Whitehorse. Our offer on a house there was accepted and our house here in Kugluktuk has buyers lined up. Faro looks like a nice change of pace. There is very little crime there- no one locks their homes or vehicles. Matt will be travelling for work and I will be working from home. So that allowed us to move anywhere we wanted. I will now be only a day and a bit drive from family and they are pretty excited. A real perk to Faro is the housing. It used to be a mining community but the mine has since closed. It went from a population of 2000 to 400. So at our nice young age, we will be mortgage free!

I have sold my sewing store to another woman in the community who will run it out of her house. All of our skidoos and quads have been sold. All of the furniture will be going with the house. We are pretty much just packing up the boy and going! Matthew also got to buy his dream truck. Well as close to his dream truck as we could get. We are planning on leaving here on the 14th of January. There is a still a lot to do between now and then so I feel like I never have a spare moment.

So that is it! Our big news!


Jen said...

HOLY crap! That's pretty exciting! Will there also be trees where you will be moving? I hope you continue to blog " The adventures of Matt, Kara and Baby Hunter in Faro"!

Rob & Tina said...

WOO HOO! Good for you! So where does your family live that you will be a day away?

North of Nain said...

Can't wait to read of your adventures from Faro....not sure I will get to visit you there...too bad.

Best of luck. Glad we got to meet. Keep BLOGGING!!

Kate Nova said...

That is crazy exciting news! Congrats on the new adventure unfolding. I look forward to your posts from another part of the country.

Way Way Up said...

Hope the new scenery works out well for you. I often thought about how much stress a high number of suicides might bring to the job. And then I stop thinking about it. I doubt I'd be able to handle it for very long. Growing up, a friend of my parents had spent a couple years up in that area teaching so I've heard the area of Yukon you are moving to is very scenic and outdoorsy. Do continue your blog as I'd love to see pictures of Faro.

J Consortium said...

I am unbelieveably jealous...I want to move to Yukon so bad! I can't wait to read all about it!

*super jealous* haha


Clare said...

Congratulations on your move! Sorry to be losing one of the Nunavut Blogging community, but like the others, I can't wait for you to continue your blog in Faro.

Aida said...

ooooo, SO EXCITING! ok slap me for thinking you may announce you are pregnant again..LOL

Hope to continue reading about your new adventure as a family in Faro! I am with Jen, are there trees there? and its sure nice to be able to "drive" instead of flying down south eh?

Curtis Groom said...

Welcome to this neck of the woods, Although the town seems large, I'm sure you'll fit in. Have fun and ... well just have fun :)
Take Care

c'est moi said...

Congrats! Like all the others, I wish you well and look forward to new posts in the new post! Best of luck.

Bonnieupnorth said...

Egads you guys...just picked up your news. Between you and Larry have been able to keep up with the news in Kugluktuk and have really apreciated your forthrightness in your blogging and comments. Of those I know there I honestly did not see you guys as making a move but can totally understand it. You have very much made the community " home " and I know in Faro more adventures await in a new area of the north. Spent 4 Christmases in Kugluktuk and was thinking today about the Christmas services with Tim and Angela, songs, kids and snacks.

The very best in 2008