Monday, January 21, 2008

Damn email!

My folks have dial up internet! Arggg!! It is slooooww. And for some reason when I send an email in Hotmail the subject line comes through, but no email! I was just trying to let everyone know that I am waiting here at my folks place for the next month. Matt is going to work earlier than expected and there wasn't enough time to get moved into the new house. He is now working three weeks on and three weeks off. He should get back here around the 16th of February and we will haul everything to Faro then.

So with this super duper slow internet I will disapear off the face of the planet for quite a while!


Aida said...

no wonder ur email was all wonky. dial up internet, u mean u never got used to it..aka going overlimit on qiniq? *sarcastic grin* lol

Shelley said...

You'll be in your new place in not time! I have added your blog to my links. Hope it's okay.