Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One week down!

Matt has been gone for one week today. It has gone pretty quickly! I have been here taking care of the circus at my folks place- 5 cats, 2 dogs, the boy and my dad. My mom has been down on Vancouver Island visiting her folks and will be back on Friday. I am looking forward to the company!

It is really peaceful out here. My parents live on 320 acres 50km from Dawson Creek. It is nice to look out my windows and just see trees and snow instead of my neighbours and their skidoo graveyard. It is feeling a bit like Nunavut though! The temperature has been around -40 for the few days. Inside with the wood furnace and wood cookstove I am nice and toasty!

Hunter is wonderful company and keeps me pretty entertained. He is finally loving bath time and has learned to splash instead of scream. So we are having baths every night. My moms new kittens play with him... well I guess they use him more like a wiggly piece of furniture. Hunter loves to pet.. errr grab them! But they don't attack him too bad for it.

Hunter has been saying dadadadada all week long. And when he gets really pissy he screams it. I think he is hoping that dad will come and rescue him soon! He is also doing something so cute it makes me giggle everytime he does it. Whenever I burp him on my shoulder, he reaches out and whacks at me with an open hand too. I guess he is trying to burp me!

I have volunteered to go into the elementary school that I attended as a kid to do a presentation on Nunavut next Tuesday. I think it is going to be a riot!! People that I went there with now have their own kids in the school. It is still just as small as when I went there. 45 kids in kindergarden through to grade 7.

I wish I could attach some pictures here, but that will have to wait until I get myself to town. I hope to go in next week and do some emailing and upload some pictures. And yes, my email for some reason won't work. I can read your emails, so please keep them coming!! But when I reply, all people can read is the subject line.

And congratulations to Jen and Jackie on the Nunies!! I am looking foward to reading your acceptance speeches.


deiss said...

Who's the bigger baby out of those two - your dad or Hunter? Hee hee. Tell him I say hi, give him a squeeze too.

Rob & Tina said...

Glad to see you posting again! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You are back to blogging! We missed you. My almost 7 month old also just recently started liking baths. So much easier now.

- In Iqaluit

Anonymous said...

did you hear? I am coming to the Yukon this summer!! I am so excitied that I get to see you!! ANd I get to meet Hunter! We will have to connect and talk scheduals. I am going to see Kristin too. I get to go and do stream assessements along the YUkon river! Its going to be fun! talk to you soon!!

from windy southern ALberta

Currie house said...

Hope to get to visit you guys soon. Our house has been very busy. What does Hunter think of all the stuffed animals in your parents house? The wolf is my favourite :D

Rob & Tina said...

Hea there. There is a package on the way to Faro for you!

Aida said...

nice to hear an update

Way Way Up said...

My grandparents always had nothing but positive things to say about their time in Yukon. Hope you enjoy your new adventure.