Saturday, January 19, 2008

You want him to start work when??

We arrived safe and sounds at my folks place after leaving Kugluktuk on Monday. We shopped for two days to find all of the stuff I hadn't ordered on boxing day. We had the trailer all packed and we were ready to drive up north to take ownership of our new home on the 22nd. And then Matt asks me to check his email to see if his new employer had sent any information. Well they did. They want him to start work on the 23rd. Well that just isn't enough time to get into our new house, unload everything we bought, and then drive him into Whitehorse to catch the plane over to the NWT for work. Solution? Hunter and I are going to live at my folks place for the next month!! I haven't lived at home in 10 years! So this should be pretty interesting! Matt's new employer is going to fly him out of Grande Prairie and he is headed to an oil site north of Norman Wells for three weeks. I am sure Hunter is going to enjoy his extended vacation with his Grandparents, but I think I am going to go nuts waiting that extra month to get into my new house!

Now I have lots of time to visit with my Dawson Creek Buddies (hi Curries!!)

So if anyone wants to visit, please do! I am at my folks place until the middle of February!


indigo said...

Indigo here over in NWT. Hey! congrats guys on almost making the move. Family time will be fun. I had a great telephone conversation with Matt in mid December and it was great to put a voice to the pictures. When Matt gets settled into his new job would love to hear all about it.

The Curries said...

Hurray!!!!!! We shall get to meet little baby Hunter!

Aida said...

the plus side, you can hv "free"

Rob & Tina said...

At least you made it safe and sound. Your email didn't come through. Very cool, you get to spend time with your parents and I get to spend time with my mom for the next month! Copy cat! :)